Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Instagram Lately

Some people think Instagram is the death of real photography, but I disagree. I happen to own a real camera as well as an iPhone and enjoy taking real photos much, much more than Instagram photos. But, since my camera is a little clunky and not that easy to take with me everywhere I go, my iPhone is a really nice filler, and I think Instagram is great. It's basically a fun, free photo app that allows you to take/upload photos, edit them, and share them with friends in a little mini feed right on your phone. It's a neat idea, and I think it's silly when people bash it.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos I've taken on Instagram the past couple of weeks.


1. My favorite cuddler.
2. My friend's mom can't stop buying cats. He sent me this photo and I almost died!
3. Kittytime is the greatest app ever (if you're a crazy cat lady like me). It's completely dorky and may or may not be verging on obsessive, but that's okay.
4. Mia B lookin' pretty.


1. It was my birthday on April 1st, and Andrew's parents surprised me with these bowls from Anthropologie. Aren't they pretty? I love his parents. They know me so well.
2. They also surprised me with this Sticky Fingers book! (Sticky Fingers is a Vegan bakery here in DC. My roommate and I think Doron is pretty amazing!)
3. My friend Ashley sent me this sweet gift in the mail. Wilson's is a coffee shop in my home town. It was really nice seeing that logo again. :)
4. My friend Matt sent me this old polaroid of us brushing our teeth. It made my day and made me miss him lots. He's en route to Russia as I type this!

1. I went to Eastern Market recently in DC which is a huge farmer's market/flea market held every Saturday in the city. I bought some vintage ties for Andrew from a nice lady and thought her little bow tie display was really cute.
2. I took a little break from walking around the market and had lunch for one.
3. This cactus was calling my name. It was sitting all alone at the end of a table full of other cacti and I thought it looked so sad; I just had to have it. I was paranoid I'd kill it because that's usually what happens when someone leaves plants in my care, but I am determined to keep this one alive. I was told to not overwater it - that's key. It has already grown too big for this little planter. I'll be transferring it over soon! Must find potting soil...
4. Something I love about DC is the constant entertainment all around you. You can always count on seeing musicians when you walk through the city. This group's audience kept growing and growing; they were great!


1. I was missing Andrew one day, so I posted this photo of us from late last summer when we went for a bike ride and visited the monuments. I can't believe it's almost summer again! I can't wait. :)
2. They had cute little glass mugs at a Thai restaurant I ate at with some of my coworkers last week.
3. I made a simple dinner one night a few weeks ago and felt like documenting.
4.Another birthday gift from a sweet friend. Kendal got me this really cute owl camera strap. I'm in love!

1. This dress was so pretty, but I'm trying to spend less and save more when it comes to clothing, so I took a picture to fill the void instead.
2. This is my face. Hi!
3. My new book arrived and I'm so excited to read it.
4. While Andrew was packing for his trip, I curled up with "Great House" by Nicole Krauss. I love the way she writes. I also love her husband. Or, uh, I also love her husband's writing, that is... ;)

1. Sending off Etsy packages is always a great feeling. :)
2. I love Annie Chuns. Perfect little work meals!
3. Yes, I took a screen shot of the time Jenny Lewis retweeted me on Twitter. How could I not??
4. This is another screen shot, and one that really freaks me out! I follow Hello Giggles on Instagram and they posted this photo the other day. I thought it was some sort of mistake. I stared and stared at this girl who I thought was me and felt very confused. I sent it to some of my friends and most of them refused to believe me when I told them I had no idea who that person was. I even posted it on Facebook and received the same responses! So strange.
Do you use Instagram? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. Great post! Yes, I use instagram and I love it. Yesterday I posted a collage of Paris instas.

  2. Love those bowls! Nothing like some cute dinnerware to make all your food taste better :)

  3. just found your blog and I fell in love with your fox header. and now what do I see: cat pics? <3

  4. love instagram! its such a great way to share the day! those bowls are to die for, they are so cute!

  5. I admit I used to be an Instragram hater, mostly because annoying Facebook contacts were sharing the same moody pictures over and over, and of course deeming themselves master photographers.

    Anyway I've gotten over myself now and started using it, and it's fun! I agree, carrying a DSLR everywhere is a task, so Instagram is a fun little tool.

    Nice snapshots!


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