Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dreams Into Plans


1. Stop complaining and start doing.
2. Focus more on the things I love.
3. Spend less time wasting time.
4. Create more.
5. Cook more.
6. Bake more.
7. Read more, for crap's sake!
8. Have more confidence.
9. Be happier.
10. Find myself again.

It's so easy to forget yourself sometimes and I don't want to do that anymore.
I have dreams, and I'm ready to chase them.

So, here's to you, summer of change. Don't let me down.


  1. Very inspiring! This is a good starting point; I hope that all your dreams will come true.

  2. List making is very soothing for me, too. And this reminds me of the simple, helpful, cute diy I saw recently:
    Try printing out your list and putting it in a picture frame. Then you can cross each item off with a dry erase pen each day/week <3


    1. That sounds like a great idea. I've been meaning to daily/weekly list. A frame sounds cute. :)

  3. Loved this..I need to do more of that..stop dreaming and start doing more :))) xx

  4. this "stop complaining and start doing" is a great challenge of mine too! oh yeah I hate that...

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  5. love this! i am so glad that you had a moment to ponder on these things and to share it with us. thanks for the inspiration.

  6. sounds good ;)

    I think you sometimes just have those days when you're feeling really down and then you should really focus on the things that make you happy ;) And finding yourself can be so difficult...


  7. i have almost the same list written down somewhere!

    i'm finally checking some things off that list and i've been more productive (ok, maybe i've just been productive this past week), but either way! the sun is shining, summer is here (almost), and we're making lists and checking them (twice).


  8. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!


  9. It's so easy & tempting to complain--I think that's the hardest goal. Lately i've pretty much made the word 'more' my goal. Try more, see more, do more, make more, be more. Lovin' all the 'mores' you have here.

  10. I love this. I definitely need to do more of this stuff, especially that wasting time one...although I do not consider blog reading as time wasting. ;)


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