Monday, April 9, 2012

March Photo-A-Day

I unsuccessfully participated in the March Photo-A-Day challenge, but I didn't fail completely!

Here are the photos I remembered to take:


1. Up - I was sick in bed this day. Sad, sad!
2. Fruit - My friend forgot her leftover Pink Berry in my freezer... ;)
3. Your Neighborhood - A lovely day in DC with Andrew, Nasser and Hamad.
4. Bedside - (Andrew's bedside.)


5. A Smile - Wisconsin friends came to visit! Here we are at the Lincoln Memorial.
6. 5PM - Andrew met Levar Burton at SXSW in Texas! I was SO excited when he sent me this photo!


7. Something You Wore - A simple dress to work.
8. Window - Eastern Market in DC. Sooo much to look at!


9. Red - Sierra playing with her squeaky bone.
10. Loud - A pretty loud statement made by the beautiful Frida Kahlo. Kendal & I checked out a special Frida exhibit in Virginia this day. We loved it!
11. Someone You Talked To Today - Kendal! We shared a vegan pizza from a place we love in Virginia called Lost Dog Cafe.
12. Fork - I promise I don't eat my pickles with a fork...


13. A Sign - My life, in bus speak.
14. Clouds - Gloomy day.


15. Sunglasses - Andrew was confused and not pleased when I made him wear these for a photo. :)
16. Green - Spring tights!


17. A Corner Of Your Home - (Andrew's home!)
18. Funny - Chris about to devour a giant slice of Lemon Meringue pie from our favorite diner.
19. Delicious - A yummy gift I received after partnering with a company on my blog.
20. An Animal - My beautiful kitty, Mia!


21. Feet - On my way to see Fiona Apple!! It was a great show. She's my favorite lady.
22. Toy - An early birthday gift from a friend who went to Korea recently.


23. Breakfast - Kashi's Strawberry Fields!
24. Where You Relax - In bed with a book. :)

I only made it to 24 (and cheated a little bit here and there) but I'm determined and WILL finish a whole month at some point... Mark my words!



  1. I love love love Fiona Apple! Definitely in my top 3 favorite artists. I saw her a few years back wit Damien Rice, and it was pretty amazing. Did anybody open for her? I heard she is coming out with a new album in June, did she play some new songs?

  2. Awesome photos!! Levar Burton is fantastic!! Very cool!! Looks like a lot of fun :)) x

  3. Nice pictures. Mia is gorgeous and I love that one with the huge pice of lemon pie. Hilarious.

  4. oh this is so cool!
    I think your pictures turned out beautifully so you can be proud of them ;)

    xoxo Jen

  5. I've been to Eastern Market once and it was a very cold day. I should go there sometime soon since it's warm :) YAY! I love your birthday present that your friend got you! the label said "Bad Kitty". I went to Korea and got some earrings from that store too :)

  6. Woah, Levar Burton? Too cool! Love me some old school Reading Rainbow!

  7. You are so much better at actually doing this than me. I think I only got about 1 day into it before I kept forgetting. Dangit! I love these photos though. Those rights are adorable, and ever so springy. Xo

  8. Pink berry:


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