Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jenny Lewis Retweeted Me

Jenny Lewis retweeted me tonight. This totally makes us one step closer to becoming BFFS in real life.

Just sayin'.

If for some reason you don't know who Jenny Lewis is, she just happens to be my favorite female of all time. I've loved Rilo Kiley since I was 14 or so and have seen Jenny in concert more times than I can count. She writes beautiful music and is an amazing poet. (She was also an actress when she was younger!) My fox tattoo is definitely Rilo Kiley inspired. Even though I always told myself I'd never get a band related tattoo, Rilo Kiley is hardly just a band to me. I think they're a huge part of who I am, no matter how corny that sounds!

Music is a beautiful thing, and I think people who are fortunate enough to have been touched so deeply by a song, album, or artist are the lucky ones.

Thank you, Miss Lewis, for shaping me into the person I am today!

Click here to learn more about Jenny Lewis, and here if you're interested in Rilo Kiley.
You can watch the video for Portions For Foxes here.
And one of my favorite live performances of With Arms Outstretched here!
And Silver Lining here.
Annnnd you get the point.

I don't think I could name a favorite Rilo Kiley song if I tried. If you don't have any of their albums, I highly suggest scoping some out! Or Jenny's solo stuff which is also great.

What a lady.

I think it's only appropriate that I listen to Take Offs and Landings while I fall asleep tonight.


  1. Wow that is huge, and so exciting!
    Rilo was my Jr. High soundtrack.
    She is such a darling human being.

  2. How exciting!! I love Jenny Lewis and anything Rilo Kiley have ever done! :)

  3. I love Jenny Lewis too.
    I'm so happy/excited for you! How neat!!


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