Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Photograph

"The idea behind Dear Photograph is simple: hold up a photo from the past in front of the place where it was originally shot, then take a picture of the picture, adding a dedication about what the photograph means to you. The results, however, are astounding. By turns nostalgic, charming, and poignant, Dear Photograph is a stunning visual compilation that evokes childhood memories, laments difficult losses, and above all, celebrates the universal nature of love."

Dear Photograph has become one of my favorite websites. I visit often, and it makes me cry almost every time I browse through the posted photos. There's just something so special about each one.

I think it's a beautiful idea and the very first time I saw the website, I immediately wanted to be in my parents' basement, going through boxes of pictures and running all over town to recreate my own Dear Photographs.

That being said, I was so surprised and very, very touched when my dad created and submitted his own Dear Photograph.
(I was a big blubbery mess when I first saw it!)

The caption reads, "My little girl... Forever and always."

This is now one of my most treasured photographs.
It brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.

Memories mean so much.
Never let them slip away.

Thank you, dad.
This is one of the many, many reasons why I love you!


Have you submitted anything to Dear Photograph??
I'd love to see your submissions!!



  1. This is wonderful, love the idea and your photo is so precious!! xx

  2. such a cool idea! I was immediately thinking about how I could do it and I'm definitely going to check the website!
    Thanks for sharing ;)

    xoxo Jen

  3. Wow this definitely makes me want to dig through all the old photos I have and start matching them up to places! That's so sweet that your dad posted one. :) This looks like a fun project!

  4. I love this.
    That photo is oh so sweet.

  5. oh my, that is so sweet of your dad to do that!!! I would lose it if my dad was that sentimental.

  6. Oh my, im balling my eyes out right now, that is such an amazing and endearing project. Some truly beautifully sad pictures on there. Your dad is amazing to submit that, you are one lucky daughter.


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