Monday, October 24, 2011

Qatar // The Lifestyle

I have a lot of random shots from the trip I wanted to share, so I'll put them here as a sort of wrap up post for my trip to Qatar. :)

I'll start with a photo of my favorite Qatari!

Nasser is a great friend of Andrew's and a Doha native. I first met him a few months ago when he was visiting DC. I felt an instant connection with him and knew right away that all the good things Andrew had to say about him were true. He is hands down one of the sweetest human beings I've ever met.
He was soo excited about my arrival to Doha! We texted each other for weeks before my visit just to tell each other how excited we were, haha.

We went to his house one night and I got to meet his very lovely mother. That experience was awesome in itself because I got a little taste of the Qatari lifestyle. We went just to sit and chat because she invited us. It was really, really nice.

First a woman brought out bowls of pomegranate. Then she brought out tea. Then she brought out dates. Then she brought out water... It was amazing! I bet she would have kept going as long as we were there. Seriously, the Qatari lifestyle is my kind of lifestyle. They're so laid back and so considerate.

Nasser talked a lot about his cats and would sometimes send me pictures of them because he knows how much of a crazy cat lady I am. I was so excited to finally meet them!


This one doesn't really have a name, so I named her Amanda. Nasser's mom called her Amanda all night. I don't know if they'll stick with it, but she'll always be Amanda to me! ;)


This is Oreo. He is GIGANTIC! But so sweet. :)

The morning after my arrival, Andrew drove all around Doha so I could see the sights...


Thobe Crossing

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival was happening the week after we left, so there were advertisements for it all over the place.



The Souq

McDonalds, of course!

Mickey D's, y'all.
Andrew and I stopped in because I was curious...

...And because I may or may not have really wanted fries.
Gross, I know. But, come on. I had to.


Cold Stone

Found a Cold Stone at the mall and took a photo for Eric.


Pepsi, y'all.


Coke, y'all.

Went to dinner at an Egyptian restaurant.

The food was beyond yummy! Mmm falafel...

A group of men played music for us and put a hat on Kasia.

Here's a video! I got the whole song pretty much:

Habibi is a word you hear often over there. It's probably my new favorite word and I use it all the time. It basically means, "my love" or "my friend." Girls say it to guys, or guys say it to each other.
Guys call girls, "habibti," which is what Andrew usually calls me. :)

We ate delicious Gelato after dinner that night.

Hung out and listened in on a video conference with Alexandra Cousteau one night.

Alexandra Cousteau Video Conference

Loved everything that lady had to say.

Hummus Filled Heaven Balls

Delicious food at the conference.
These little guys were full of hummus.
I ate too many.

Grape Leaves

Spent some time on campus in Education City.


Beautiful sculpture garden.
I sat out there for awhile by myself and it was very peaceful. :)

Sculpture Garden



Coffee love!

The Emir and his wife

Huge paintings of the Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his wife, Sheikha Mozah.

Everyone loves the Emir.

I mean really, what's not to love?


Qatar confetti to celebrate a graduation.

Qatar Confetti

Met up with Kasia and Nasser for some Thai food at Isaan.

Cute Boy

Cute boy.


We ate lots of Edamame.

The Pearl

Where we stayed in Qatar. It was so wonderful! Gah, I wanna go back! Now!

Awkward photo I took on my phone of two boys holding falcons in the Souq.

Funny Elmo cake for a friend's birthday the night before we went home.

The sunrise the day of our flight back to the states...


Looking through these photos seriously makes me sad! I miss Doha so much. I really wasn't looking forward to coming home... I loved it there. Hopefully I will return some day. I have a feeling I will...