Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One More Time with Feeling

Hi! I'm back! Oh, Blogger.com, how I've missed you!

I decided I'm going to start blogging again. I miss it, plus I'm moving away and I know my dad will be curious to know what I'm up to, so this should help a little bit.
My last blog was a photo project I started January 1st of 2010. I took a photo a day for a year and posted all the pictures with updates about each day. It was fun but also a bit frustrating at times. I didn't always have internet access, so I would get over a week behind and then have nothing interesting to say because my brain couldn't remember what I had done four or five days earlier. Nevertheless, it turned out well and I'm happy I followed through and finished it.

Anyway, hi again. Weeeee! Yay blogs. Yay internet. Yay sharing personal information with strangers and people you no longer care about who you know still creep your stuff! Weeeee!

Okay, so, I'm moving to the east coast in about a week. I'll need a place to vent and share and brag, so this is where I'll put all of that, along with my crazy, weird mind-jumbles that are sure to come with my inevitable insanity. If you're interested in said jumbles and insanity, I hope you'll continue to read this thingy! :)

So, where do I begin? Hmmm...

I had a going away party on Saturday. It was fun and lots of wonderful people showed up. My parents worked hard trying to get everything in order and made sure food was prepared and the lawn and pool looked presentable. It was a success! I like them.


tall eric

donny, kyle, & eric

the looks, the brains, the wildcard

dad, grilling

eric & dugan


eric & corn

so fetch

I was worried for a few days that it was going to be cold and rainy, but it turned out to be warm and sunny instead. I love when the depressing 10 day forecast is wrong! The only downfall is that I unfortunately got very sunburnt the day before the party, so I look extra lobster-esque in quite a few photos...


craig & sunburn

gina & brian


dave & kathy


linus & colin

kyle & ashley

I'm really going to miss everyone, but moving away feels so right. I was listening to a Coldplay song (Fix You) earlier which is something I never do, and in the song, he sings, "If you never try, then you'll never know," and it made so much sense to me. Of course I've had back and forth feelings about the move, worrying about money, finding a job, feeling lonely, etc. but I also know I've had the travel bug my entire life and if I don't get out and explore now, when will I?

So, here's to a year of new adventures and life on the east coast. Wish me luck!