Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Favorites // 11.25

Wishing these Etsy items would magically appear on my doorstep...!

I am a sucker for that shade of blue. I am also a sucker for birdy things.
Combine the two and eeeeee! Excitement overload!

I love dainty necklaces. This sweet little deer is too cute!

I'd love to learn how to make these polaroid coasters.

I'm obsessed with this coat. I look at it all the time and imagine that's me in the picture... Is that weird?

Bookmark feet! How cute are they?

Mia would love this upcycled suitcase bed!

There's just something about blurry light photos. I can't get enough.

I've been very attracted to fox things lately...

Typewriters are my favorite. Why don't I have one yet??
I'll just wear this shirt to fill the void until I get one. :)



  1. Its official... I pretty much want everything on this list! :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  2. I gotta admit, I'm totally into all of these too! The bookmark feet - EEPS!

    Stop by and enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!

  3. Great list! Love everything. That little birdie is precious and I love that spice rack!


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